Paan Fudge Dragees

Hand rolled paan fudge is covered with chocolate and coated with a very thin layer of sugar with essential flavors and added colors,

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Paan Fudge Dragees are fudge balls with paan flavored chocolate panned on it.

Fudges are a type of soft, crumbly and chewy sweet sugar candy that has a rich chocolate flavor. The mixture of fudges cools to acquire a smooth, creamy consistency. The texture of fudges is somewhere between fondants and hard caramels. Fudges are made with add-ons like fruits, nuts, caramel, candies, sweets etc. either inside or on top of it. Panning is one of the oldest techniques for covering chocolate. Paan Fudge Dragee is made by continuously pouring chocolate over centres in a tumbling coated pan. Recently fudges are made with different flavors, giving them a vibrant visual feel.

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