Cranberry Dragees

Cranberries are considered as superfood due to their high nutrients and lower risk of UTI. Cranberry Dragees are covered with chocolates and a very thin layer of sugar with added essential flavors and colors.

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Cranberry Dragee is chocolate and sugar-coated cranberries. Cranberry Dragee is made by the method of dual panning that is an artisanal method of panning wherein; chocolate is panned on black currants is called panning. Dual panning is a procedure where these panned chocolate cranberry are further coated with sugar to resist the inner chocolate layer from melting. Cranberry Dragees is a result of dual panning by coating a fine layer of chocolate and sugar on the cranberries. Both chocolate and sugar syrup is poured over centers in a tumbling coated pan. Cranberry Dragee has a fine shiny texture on its surface. A bag full of cranberry dragee is all that you need!

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